Executive summary: Culture in the life of children and youth

Date of publication: 11.12.2023
Średni czas czytania 1 minute

We encourage you to read the latest executive summary of NCK Culture in the lives of children and youth, from which you can learn, among others, what cultural education they need and how to encourage young people to participate in culture. The executive summary is a new form of presenting key conclusions from NCK research. It was created for readers who cannot always devote time to read a longer report.

The report is based on the analysis of 18 individual interviews (IDI) and 11 group interviews (FGI) in 7 Polish voivodeships. From the analysis of the data we learned how strong is the need to involve young people in cultural activities; what strategies are adopted by people who work with youth;  how important it is to support them, in among others: strengthening their competences and encouraging them to be open to the needs of young people.

We encourage you to read the executive summary and full version of the report as well.