Report 'Culture of excess from the perspective of local institutions – strategies and tactics of waste management'

Date of publication: 27.10.2023
Średni czas czytania 1 minute

Communes and their inhabitants implement nationwide waste management strategies. Do they reproduce them faithfully? Or do local conditions induce local actors to modify their strategies and adopt their own tactics? To answer these questions, we conducted a study, the result of which is the presented report.

The study was based on the analysis of 60 in-depth interviews with adult household members and 5 case studies of purposefully selected communes. We look at communes and answer questions about how they approach waste management and what sociodemographic factors influence it. In addition, we analyse the availability of waste management infrastructure and how it affects the pro-environmental attitudes of residents.

If you want to find out, among others: whether the differentiation of waste collection fees motivates to segregation, what tactics of social control over segregation are practiced by the residents of apartment blocks, learn about the problems generated by the bio-waste fraction, as well as examples of how imprecise data reporting by communes may lead to incorrect conclusions, we encourage you to download the report.