Accessible Culture

Accessible Culture is a systematic measure aimed at removing financial and capacity-building obstacles of citizens likely subjected to cultural exclusion.

Accessible Culture is a programme launched by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. The programme's objective is to increase the number of actions and initiatives raising cultural awareness and facilitating access to culture. As part of the programme, the National Centre for Culture implements "Accessible Culture at the cinema" and administers a cultural events browser:

Accessible Culture at the Cinema

Accessible Culture at the Cinema is a project run by the National Centre for Culture – together with the Helios chain and Warsaw-based Iluzjon cinema – encouraging Poles to watch domestic productions in cinema quality. Join us and watch Polish films each Thursday for PLN 10 per ticket. website

Above all, the website is an easy-to-use search engine for cultural events all over Poland. In addition, the website lists all interesting places, monuments, and cultural institutions as well as a database of links to legal on-line cultural resources. The site, developed by the National Centre for Culture, aims to reach a wide audience with news about free or inexpensive (up to PLN 20) cultural events. The main goal of the website is to increase public awareness about easy access to free and reasonably priced culture.

Accessible Culture grant programme

The aim of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage's Accessible Culture grant programme is to support tasks aimed at facilitating access to culture, addressed to a wide audience and conducive to social integration.

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